Friday, October 3, 2014

Cole Turned 8!!

 Cole chose to be baptized back in July. He and his friend Talan decided to do a double baptism. It was only fitting since these two started off their friendship in the NICU 8 years before. :) Talan was a preemie and Cole was just a fat baby who couldn't keep his sugars up. It was so funny to see a tinnie, tiny Talan in the crib next to a fat, chubby Cole. 
Kim and I set out one evening to get a few pictures of the boys together for their announcements and program. They turned out pretty great, and the boys had a blast together.

 The big day!! It's always such a special day when my kids get baptized. I love that I have a worthy husband who can do his priesthood duties. I'm so proud of my Cole Boy!!! He was so excited to get his nice set of scriptures for his birthday. I sure love this kid!

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